Womanhood Through Different Lenses


I woke up this morning and asked myself.  “Self” I said, why are you doing this blog? Many of the Biblical teachings which I will be talking about are based on my own experiences that worked.  I’m not a writer, and I don’t have alot of entertaining words as some bloggers do.  I just have plain pages and experiences.

But I’ve had a vision, a life with a close family, experiences that are so awesome, so powerful, and so beautiful that God says that I need to share that with you. I have found that doing things that the Bible commanded brought great joy and happiness to my life and those words were often the beacons in the deep valleys of my life as well.  They helped me overcome many things, so that I could serve my family more faithfully – but that is for another post

I had a taste of something most of you probably haven’t.  When I was younger, I grew up in Detroit in the inner city and lived with my grandmother for some time.  She had 10 children and very little money, but they were happy, joyful and were people of love and hospitality.

I remember being outside of her home in a very small backyard, playing baseball with her and all the neighborhood kids, probably who were from broken families, etc.  I remember feeling that warm hug that I would get when climbing up on her lap, playing board games with me, making me feel so special that I thought I was the center of the universe.  She also treated the neighborhood kids the same.  I wish I could give you that vision.  She was a Keeper At Home.  I’m glad she was, because it gave me incentive to raise my four children the way that I have.

We too had very little money as I chose to stay home with my children and God provided a way.  There were many times when we needed something and then God provided.  We didn’t have enough money to save for a college education, but they worked their way through and had all come out successful.  They appreciated it more that they worked hard for it.

All four children are now servers in the church and have a special place in their heart for children and family.  They know how to enjoy the sunset each night, look for the rainbow after a thunderstorm, take a walk and see the beauty of the hand of God and have gratitude.

They can see the beauty and worth in the eyes of every human being, whether they have money or not, whether they are perfect or not.  They see the potential child of God in everyone.

How much is that worth?

Who am I? I’m a mother that has raised four wonderful loving, grateful, hospitable children, by being a mother at home, doing cottage industries, teaching them to serve their church and community and especially to love their God!

What lenses are you wearing?

Here were my lenses:


Give Me Eyes

God help me see the wonders around me everyday

Let me hear the laughter of children loud at play

Help me smell the fragrances of flowers petals bright

Help me see the starlight against the dark of night

Help me think of good things and pure things in this life

To replace the evil things, the restlessness and strife.

I pray not to remember those who had caused me pain

But put in place a kindly thought to bless them just the same

For when I dwell on darkened things and where there is no light

I cause my feet to stumble, my days turn into night

But if I think on all you do, your perfect will and plan

That I am small and you are Lord, I’ll know I can’t, you can!

For nothing is too hard for you, no matter how despairing

You’re the One who guides our days, your thoughts are ever caring

So when no sense of things I make and I have worries sore

To you I’ll lift my eyes on high, for you’re the Way, the Door

I’ll think on things those good and pure of positive and right

And ask you then to hold my hand.  Then I will be alright

So now Lord I pray of you, please give me eyes to see

All the joy you send to us, all life was meant to be

~Diane Stewart 1998

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