Whatsoever Things Are Lovely..Think On These Things

Buzzards and Bees

Which are you?

Buzzards and bees have a major difference in their feeding habits.  Buzzards fly overhead searching for dead animals.  When they spy a decaying carcass, they swoop down to gorge themselves on it, stripping it to the bare bones. 

Honeybees, by comparison only look for sweet nectar.  They are very discriminating as they search through the flowers in the garden.

Buzzards produce nothing in their feeding, except fear in those who behold them at work.  Honeybees produce honeycombs, dripping with honey, for health and palate benefits to others.

Just as the bees and the buzzards always find what they are seeking, so a spouse can generally find what he or she is looking for.  If you focus on your partner’s faults and mistakes, you will find them.  Your relationship will become one to be avoided, not cherished.  On the other hand, if you seek out the goodness in your spouse, you can find that, too!  And you may be surprised at how sweet your relationship can become.

Unlike buzzards and bees, creatures that cannot chose their own instincts and behavior, we have a choice in what we choose to perceive and comment upon.  Choose to affirm.  Choose virtue. *1


Advice to the wife:  Be to his virtues very kind.  But to his faults a little blind.

Love is not easily angered; it keeps no records of wrongs…but rejoices with the truth.”  I Cor 13:5-6

For Today:  Find something praiseworthy in your husband, children, friends etc, and find a way to praise them for it.  Even if you are angry, always begin with praise.  After all, Christ addressed the seven churches in this way.  Rev 2:13-14  It’s an art that needs to be practiced.  I remember once, trying this method.  My husband was not having a good week and everyone knew it.  So, instead of grumbling about it, I made a cupcake for my husband, used a toothpick and put a little triangle flag on the top saying, “Thanks Honey For Your Sacrifices For Us.”  I set it on the kitchen table on a plate set out for him.  Wow! What a difference that made that evening.  He beamed from ear to ear.  After all, I would want someone to view me in that light.  🙂

1 God’s little devotional Book for Couples


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