Whatsoever Things Are Lovely ~ Think On These Things

Her letters to her son Johannes gave a strong impression of her clear common sense and her great kindheartedness.  In these long letters carefully preserved, she tells her son all the interesting news from Hamburg, and never speaks ill of anybody.

When son Fritz lost an excellent job, she wrote to Johannes:  “Fritz must put his trust in God, who guides all human destinies.  He will lead him out of this darkness.”  She remembered Johannes daily in her prayers, as well as Fritz , and tried to keep a tight bond among her children, reminding Johannes to remember their birthdays.

There is no sign in her letters of any disharmony in her marriage, which lasted 34 years, and generally speaking, peace and cheerfulness seemed to prevail in her household. In sharp contrast was the world outside their home:  a poverty stricken slum with narrow, crooked streets and grime-encrusted, “blackened” frame houses.

Disease was rampant and if fire broke out, the effects in the neighborhood were devastating. What was the impact of this mother’s goodness and nurture on her son?  There’s no telling.  Through the centuries, the compelling, beautiful music of Johannes Brahms has touched countless millions. 1


 FOR TODAY:  The next time someone asks you why you have children when they think you ‘can’t afford them,’ ask them which of their children they would give up? God says the poor will always be with you.  Do you then tell the poor that God’s blessings are not for them? In actuality, if you raise them in the Lord, they will eventually contribute to the family’s income, working as a team.  But that is another post. 😉

Happy is the man who has his quiver full of them… Psalm 127:5

Are you going to argue with God?

1 God’s Little Devotional Book For Moms


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