1000 Things To Be Thankful For


My daughter started a 1000 blessings thankful list following the example of another Christian blogger, and I thought I’d start one myself.  I’d love to share it with you.  First of all, thanks for being here and sharing this with me.  I would love to hear of the things YOU are thankful for as well!

1.  Eyes that can see the goodness of God in all my life, His hand in the troubled times, turning my mourning into gladness.

2.  Family, physical and spiritual that are there for me, accepting me as I am and gently guiding me towards God’s way of thinking when I’m weak and rejoicing with me during the happy times, holding my hand in the troubled.

3.  Arms that can hold new life God has blessed me with and others with, hearing God’s voice through them, telling me life is precious and a gift.

4.  Precious laughter and silliness of children, reminding me that life isn’t all seriousness.

5.  The comical antics of God’s creation, reminding me about the verse, “Laughter is as good as medicine.”

6.  Young women and men of God, diligently studying and practicing His word, so that the church will survive and the “gates of hell will not prevail against it.”

7.  Shepherds of God who will not leave the sheep when they see a wolf (Satan’s spirit of hate, bitterness, and division) approaching.

8.  My only son, who loves God and His ways that will pass on the Stewart name with the dedication to God as my precious husband.

9.  My precious husband of 34 years, who has risen before sunrise 4 a.m. every morning since baptism, seeking God’s way of life through prayer and study of God’s word to be a better Christian, father, and husband.

10.  My beautiful, loving daughters who love God and put Him first and reach out to serve not only their families but the community as well.

Thanks for coming with me on my journey!

I’m joining in with other bloggers at Holy Experience to record my 1,000 gifts.

Join in by clicking the button below!





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