Whatsoever Things Are Lovely ~ Think On These Things


Trying God

 “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

I had been baptized only six weeks when I asked God to use me in doing His work.  I am Your humble servant and I will follow where You lead I told Him.  I had to wait a year before I realized how He was leading me.

I was ushering a 2-year-old child to beginner’s class one Sabbath morning.  As I stood in the back of the class observing what was going on, the leader asked me to assist her in giving the Bible lesson because the person assigned was absent.  I agreed to do it, but I was terrified.  I am an extremely shy person, and all of this was new to me.  Telling a story to a group of 2- and 3-year-olds so that they could understand and be attentive was not I.  Besides, most of the children’s parents were present, and I was not prepared.

There was no time for story helps or felts.  I picked up the lesson guide and turned to lesson five:  “Daniel in the Lions’ Den.”  OK, it was a well-known story, but instead of telling the story, I nervously began to read the story, very fast.  I immediately learned that little people have short attention spans, and I was quickly losing them.  Lord, what to do? In despair, a thought came to my mind:  “Unless you become like one of these little ones…”

At that moment I began to change my voice for each character, and roared like a lion in the appropriate places.  They all came to life, wide-eyed and smiling.  At the end of the story we sang “Daniel in the Lions’ Den.”  As I looked at the children’s happy little faces, I knew that the Lord was working. 

Now, as a leader in the beginner’s room myself, I realized my prayer was answered.  This is what the Lord wants me to do.  I enjoy doing the Lord’s will, helping to nurture these little seeds as they blossom into big plants in the gospel of Christ.

Prayer is a powerful thing.  If you have the desire to work for the Lord, ask Him what He wants you to do, then wait patiently.  The answer will come in His time.  Trust Him – He has a plan for everyone.  You will be excited when He leads you into His plan for you! 1

FOR TODAY:  “Father, I know that you have given me a special gift for your glorification.  Help me to find out what that is, so that I can share with others your marvelous love and grace.”  Amen 


1 Bouquets of Hope ~ Ardis Stenbakken



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