A Godly Woman

Blessed is she who fears the Lord

Who’s patient and is kind

Who looks unto her household well

And seeks God’s very mind.


She builds her home like weaving cloth

Each stitch is tightly bound

She carefully plans every one

So strength and beauty’s found


So when the winter’s bitter cold

Comes upon her home

Her household’s dressed in garments warm

That her own hands have sewn


Each decision she does make

Does build and not destroy

This home that she tends carefully

Is her reward and joy


She gives her family vision

So every one can be

A part of the foundation

To build up unity


So that each one has purpose

To know they’ve had a part

Of building up a solid home

That’s founded from the heart


Oh, what a blessing from the Lord

That from one woman’s hands

One stitch upon another

A firm foundation stands!


Diane Stewart  ~February 1994


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