Whatsoever Is Lovely, Think On These Things

 Morning Prayer

It was a cool September morning when the children began to assemble for their daily studies at the kitchen table.  The oldest Jennifer, helped mother to collect the school supplies to help with the rest of the children.  Mom, who usually was cheerful and encouraging, was especially worn from the daily struggles of  being their mother, teacher, housekeeper, cook, nurse,  and creating a new member of the God family.  Jennifer asked if she could begin the school studies with a poem she had written instead of the usual prayer.

Of course, Mom let her begin:

Our Teacher

I pledge alliance to my God

For which we’ve come to learn

The vastness of His love for us

And from His path not turn


It’s to the Lord that we give thanks

For as a twig does mold

Our Mother guides our focus

The trunk waxed great, yes bold


It’s thus when storms of life do come

Strong is our foundation

What knowledge is so great as this?

How strong would be the nation?


Thank you Lord!



 ~Diane Stewart

September 7, 2011


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  1. Beautiful!

  2. Very nice!

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