Whatsoever Things are Lovely, Think on These Things


Qualifications of a Mother

According to a fable, a woman showed up one snowy morning at 5 a.m. at home of an “examiner” of “suitable mother” candidates.  Ushered in, she was asked to sit for three hours past her appointment time before she was interviewed.  The first question given to  her in the interview was, “Can you spell?”  Yes, she said.  “Then spell ‘cook.’”  The woman responded “C-O-O-K.”

The examiner then asked, “Do you know anything about numbers?”  The woman replied, “Yes sir, some things.”  The examiner said, “Please add two plus two.”  The candidate replied, “Four.”

“Fine,” announced the examiner.  “We’ll be in touch.” 

At the board meeting of examiners held the next day, the examiner reported that the woman had all the qualifications to be a fine mother.  He said, “First I tested her on self-denial, making her arrive at five in the morning on a snowy day.  Then I tested her on patience.  She waited three hours without complaint.  Third, I tested her on temper, asking her questions a child could answer.  She never showed indignation or anger.  She’ll make a fine mother.”  And all on the board agreed.

A mother’s patience is like a tube of toothpaste – it is never quite gone.

“Being strengthened with all power, according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience.”

 ~ Colossians 1:11

These qualifications in my experience comes with on the job training.  As in learning spiritual attributes of God, motherhood is also a learned process.  Hang in there!  Keep up the good work!!!  It’s well worth it!


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