Ghosts in the Parlor

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In my younger years I visited one of my relative’s homes.  She had a parlor off the living room with glass windows on the sides of the door.  Through the windows you could see neatly arranged old-fashioned furniture, reminiscent of the older style homes.  We were given a stern warning not to try to venture in because there may be spirits who would sometimes come to visit as well that didn’t want to be disturbed.  Maybe this was true and maybe it was just to keep the room tidy, but I looked through the glass panels and I could not see anything but a well-kept room.  I kept this thought in mind every time I came to visit.  I didn’t question the idea of spirits dwelling there as our family backgrounds had a long history of spirits, poltergeists, etc. 

One day when coming over for dinner, we all noticed bruises on her face.  Upon questioning her, she and my aunt explained that the spirit of a woman who had once lived there did not appreciate my relative living in “her” room and had warned her several times to “get out.”  Well, if you knew my relative, her 6’ stature and strong Austrian-Hungarian background, she wasn’t about to give up her room to a spirit, as this room was adjacent to the kitchen, where she arose every morning at 5 to bake fresh homemade bread before the family arose.  It seems the ghost (spirit) at first seemed benevolent, then began to become angrier and angrier with an eventual warning to “get out” of her room, the room that the ghost once occupied.  When she would not comply, the spirit threw her up against the wall adjacent to her bed several times until my aunt decided it was time to call in an exorcist. 

Ouija Boards have been around a long time. Parlor Game.

Sounds like a horror film doesn’t it?  Well, it isn’t.  Some don’t believe in the paranormal, but I am here to tell you that it does exist.  I have seen things with my own eyes.  I have used an Ouija Board just for fun when younger, always with success, calling on the dead (what I assumed) with an eventual frightening incident that ended our amusement and made it easy for me to give it up for good!  Many believe they are talking to souls that have departed, those trapped on the earth because of some traumatic incident in their lives.  They believe also that they may not know they are dead or some may not know how to pass to “the other side.”

Halloween is just around the corner.  It seems this holiday always brings up these past experiences concerning spirits – ghosts and the answers God gives us in His word.  So, here are a few questions you might want to ponder, which we’ll discuss later in Part II.

Question 1:  Where did Halloween originate and should Christian women and their children celebrate it?  Did the early settlers in America celebrate it?

Question 2: Why would a loving God leave innocent victims, adult and children in the vortex of torment on the earth, not able to find the “light” to pass to the “other side,” what some believe is the “gateway to heaven,” although they never state that in their comments. 

Question 3:  Many use mediums or  sensitives to help them to “cross over.”  It used to be that many would call on the Catholic Church,  but now more and more people are using paranormal businesses with mediums or “sensitives” or Wicca to help bring trapped souls over to “the light” through their means.  Is not God able to bring them to peace? Why would God use means other than Himself to do this?

Question 4:  Why do a lot of folks bring out the Ouija Board, especially on Halloween night to call the dead to converse with them?  Is this practice alright with God, or does He have something to say about it? 

Question 5:  Why do we dress in witches and ghostly costumes, often with blood and gore on this night, when God condemns a witch to death in His word and died so that men might live and not taste death?

We’ll look to see what God’s word says in Part II.

To find out more about Halloween, click below:

Behind The Mask Video


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