Psalms of A Woman

When those around us cause us pain and hurt, we can let those circumstances embitter us, or we can choose to think as God does.  We beseech Him for His Holy Spirit, the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, and temperance – the mind of God to deal with our trials.  Each time we do this, we become more and more like our heavenly Father, who even loved His enemies.   

At those times when we feel embittered, it puts a veil over our eyes and we can no longer see the sunrise for what it is, nor hear the birds, or the joy of the laughter of children.  Our minds are focused only on our anger or resentment.  Here is how I beseeched God to help me with this bitterness, anxiousness, despair, and I hope it may help you as well.


Give Me Eyes


God help me see the wonders

Around me everyday

Let me hear the laughter

Of children loud at play

Help me smell the fragrances

Of flowers petals bright

Help me see the starlight

Against the dark of night

Help me think of good things

And pure things in this life

To replace the anxious thoughts

So I have hope inside

I pray not to remember

Those who had caused me pain

But put in place a kindly thought

To bless them just the same

For when I dwell on darkened things

And where there is no light

I cause my feet to stumble

My days turn into night

But if I think on all You do

Your perfect will and plan

That I am small and you are Great

I’ll know I can’t, You can!

For nothing is too hard for you

No matter how despairing

You’re the One who guides our days

Your thoughts are ever caring

So, when no sense of things I make

And I have worries sore

To you I’ll lift my eyes on high

For you’re the Way, the Door

I’ll think on things those good and pure

Of positive and right

And ask you then to hold my hand

Then I will be all right

So, now Oh Lord I pray of thee

Please give me eyes to see

All the joy you send to us

All life was meant to be


~ Diane Stewart



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