A Ministry Mindset Means Being Inconvenienced

Mountainside in Israel

I felt Nancy Leigh Demoss wrote an excellent post that would follow up on my last post concerning “You Deserve A Break Today.” 


While reading this account Matthew a few years back, this example of Christ’s ministry really spoke to me as a Christian woman.  I came to the same conclusion, but she has written it better than I could have.  So, I leave you with my thoughts in her words.  This example is not only for moms, but for all women wanting to serve God with the heart of Jesus Christ.

When he went ashore he saw a great crowd, and he had compassion on them and healed their sick. —Matthew 14:14 ESV

In Matthew 15:29, we find Jesus trying to rest on a mountainside. He barely sat down when a crowd of people came to Him looking to be healed. How did He respond? He healed them.

When Jesus received word that John the Baptist, had been killed, He tried to grieve alone. But crowds of people followed Him and begged for His attention. Scripture tells us that instead of hiding in His grief, He had compassion and healed the sick in the crowd .  (Matthew 14:13–14).

On the night before Jesus was betrayed, He didn’t hide out. He didn’t run away. He spent the evening with His disciples. He even took the time to serve them by washing the mud from their feet (John 13:1–17).

If we look closely, we find an interesting pattern. We know that Jesus spent His time on earth serving others. But have you ever considered how often He ministered when it was inconvenient?

He served others when He was tired.

He served others when He’d have rather been alone. He served others when He was sad. He served others when He’d been serving non-stop for days and days. He served others when things went terribly wrong in His own life. He even served others when He knew His own death was right around the corner.

I am deeply challenged by this truth. You see, I don’t mind serving others when it’s convenient for me. I like to help out when it works into my schedule or fits into my agenda for the day. But there are lots of times when serving others is inconvenient. This seems especially true with my family. I’m tired. I’m stressed. I’ve got more important things to do than to meet the needs of those around me. Under those circumstances, I feel justified in giving priority to my own needs and temporarily ignoring the needs of others.

But this isn’t how Jesus lived. It isn’t how Jesus served. And it isn’t what He wants from you and me.

The reality is, serving others requires sacrifice. If we only do it when it’s convenient, we’re missing the point.

What’s keeping you from serving like Jesus? Will you let Him inconvenience you today?

Action Step: Go above and beyond.

Go above and beyond in service to your family today.  Make their favorite meals, play their favorite games, do something extra special for each family member. Obviously, this isn’t a pace that you can keep every day, but for just today raise the bar in service at home.

A Mom’s Prayer

“Jesus, thank You for Your example of service when it is inconvenient. Help me to value people over comfort. Give me opportunities to serve my family in Your name today.”

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