Look Them In The Eyes

Look Into Child's Eyes

A Sabbath Reminder

God said “Let there be” when creating all of what we see on earth.  There was much to be done throughout the week, much to accomplish, just as mothers have a continual list of “to do” through the week.  It’s a tough demanding job. A mom has the privilege of discipling her beautiful gifts of God, yet it takes its toll on us because of the continual tending.  On the seventh day, the day God rested, we can stop and reflect on what God has given us, that is the beauty of the relationships we have created with our children.

Through His creation, there is no record of God breathing into its “nostrils” the breath of life personally.  I would presume that when forming man, He stooped down from heaven and after breathing His breath into man, He looked directly into his eyes.  Yes, one of the first things He did was begin a relationship with man through face-to-face contact. 

There is something so special concerning eye contact that supercedes any conventional spoken word.  One can be surrounded by a whole room of people and still feel alone, but when someone stops and looks you in the eyes, we “know” we’re important enough to them to look deeply into our souls.  It takes time.  It’s a part of showing them we truly care.

If we have children, bend down. Hold them at shoulder level.  Look them in the eyes.  Forget about the stress of the world and tell them they are special to you. Notice, how their demeanor changes. You will have touched the soul of a child, which is their heart.  We seem to know this naturally when our children are babies.  We do this continually, but as they grow, somehow we feel they no longer yearn for this contact.  But they still need it desperately and, in fact, throughout their entire lives.

Mother And Child Face to Face Contact

No matter how busy, we need to follow God’s example and love them as He loves us.  “Breath into them,” i.e., look into their eyes.

We can also do this with others, that is, not our own children.  How do we deal with others we love?  Are we too busy to forget to look others straight in the eyes and find their soul to let them know we are there for them and see them as God sees them?

In an impersonal, busy world, we all long for personal eye contact. Is there anyone really listening?  When we disciple our children, if we don’t connect with them, they’ll find others.  Do we want to be their “connection” while they grow or someone else’s?

Let’s follow God’s example today.  Let’s stoop down and look them in the eyes. Tell them how much we care, and they are as special to us as to God. There are great blessings ahead for us if we create lasting relationships with others in this way.

Let’s “Look them in the eyes.”

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