The Mission of Motherhood ~Chapter 1: A Journey Like No Other


Welcome, friends!

I’m continuing my daughter’s book study from the Mission of Motherhood. 

“I’m so honored to have you here with me today to discuss our new book, The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity by Sally Clarkson. If you don’t have your book yet, please don’t fret. Everyone can participate in today’s discussion, even if you haven’t read Chapter 1. We have a great group of about 15 ladies set to participate in the discussion. Be sure to visit the Kick-Off post to read everyone’s introductions!

Before we begin, I’d like to suggest that you grab a journal or notebook to record your insights from the book, to use for keeping track of your answers to the study questions and to jot down inspirations and ideas you’d like to implement in your own family. You will glean much more from this study if you are an active participant!

Please pray that our group here is a place of safety and encouragement where we can share with each other without fear of judgment. Pray that we might have grace and kind words on our tongues as we look at ways to lift each other up as we travel this journey together!

Let’s dig right in, shall we?

The title of Chapter 1 is “A Journey Like No Other”. Sally uses this phrase to describe motherhood – a word that means different things to different people. Have you ever seen one of these pictures on Facebook?



Photos like these have been passed around for a while now. Some of them are pretty funny, but I think they illustrate quite clearly how different people view the role of motherhood.

Often, we hear competing messages about what motherhood is all about:

~ Does being a mother equate to living as a slave to your family members (housemaid, chauffeur, chief cook and bottle washer)?
~ Is the true meaning of motherhood about being there to experience all of those “firsts” – first steps, first words, etc.?
~ Or is motherhood just a few brief “warm and fuzzy” feelings sandwiched between hours and hours of mental and physical exhaustion?

What is motherhood all about anyway?

Mom and Daughter Shadow

I’d like for each of us to do this short exercise together:

In your journal or notebook, divide a piece of paper into 3 sections.

  • In one      section, write down all of the messages that you personally are receiving      about motherhood from those around you. These messages could be from your      husband, your extended family, co-workers, church friends, your      favorite TV show or parenting guru – anybody! The messages can be      phrases, comments or simply single words.
  • In the      second section, write down your own personal feelings and ideas about what      motherhood is: Why are you really doing this? Don’t write what you think      you should feel about it, but what you really do. Please be honest      with yourself – no one else is going to read it!
  • And in the      third section, write down what you think God’s mission or purpose might be      for you as a mother.

{If you would, please hold on to this sheet of paper until the very end of our study.}

In the coming weeks, we are going to attempt to cut through all the clichés and caricatures of motherhood and take a serious look at our purpose – our mission, if you will.

Mission of Motherhood Mother and children reading

I’m sure that all of you have heard the term “mission statement”.

Why do organizations and companies have mission statements?

“A company’s Mission Statement acts as the company’s compass. The mission is the path. (The vision is the end point.) The mission directs the company to its vision. With it, anyone in the organization can always judge the direction the company is moving in relation to its stated purpose. With it, one can easily make adjustments to keep the company moving in the direction intended.”¹

A mission undergirds everything we do.

It puts every single one of our actions into perspective.

If we are attempting to be successful mothers without a mission or a clear vision, our actions will stem from all different kinds of  motives and may be all over the map. {Without a clear mission, it’s also very easy for our Adversary to distract us.}

In Chapter 1, Sally shares how she grew into adulthood with conflicting ideas about the purpose of motherhood. After she gave birth to her first child, she found herself confused by her own emotions compared to the outside voices that advised her what to do.

“I finally decided that I needed to search the Scriptures to find out for myself just what God, the Designer himself, had in mind when he created the role of mother thousands of years go. This search has been well rewarded. In fact, it changed my life. My personal study of biblical motherhood has helped me not only to realize that God has an important mission for mothers, but to embrace that mission as a source of deep joy and fulfillment in my own life.” (p. 13)

By participating in this book discussion group, you, like Sally, are committing to search the Scriptures to see what God has to say about motherhood. I am committed to coming alongside you and learning right along with you. I do not claim to have the “perfect vision” of motherhood, but I do have a strong desire to deepen my understanding of the wonderful calling of motherhood and see how it applies to my everyday life.


One of my favorite quotes from this chapter:

As I have thought about these issues for many years, I have come to picture the heart of each child as a treasure chest. Each chest is empty and needs to be filled with the riches of unconditional love, spiritual nurture, and the emotional heritage of family and traditions; with mental stimulation that comes from excellent sources of truth, morality, and inspiration; with a sense of physical and emotional security; and with guidelines for all of life, including purpose, relationships, and proper behavior.

Each child whose treasure chest is full will have abundant resources on which to draw in the midst of life’s demands. As a woman no pushing fifty, I realize that those foundational years in the life of a child – those same years when I sometimes thought I was accomplishing nothing – have a lasting effect on almost every aspect of the rest of that child’s life. (p. 14)


Now It’s Your Turn!

Join the discussion by sharing your answer to one of the study questions from Chapter 1, a favorite quote, or your thoughts on why a mission is important in the comment section below.

Your contributions to this book discussion group are what makes it so beneficial for everyone, so I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

I’ll see you next Monday, October 14th, to discuss Chapter 2: Beautiful By Design” *

* This post is taken from my daughter’s blog here at Where My Treasure Is with her continuing series on Mothering Mondays.

I Love Comments

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What Is Your Destiny


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  1. Here are a few quotes that I truly loved from the book:

    “My calling as a mother is the same as any other Christian’s: to fulfill God’s will for our lives and to glorify Him. This means I am to follow the Lord’s design for my marriage – cleaving to my husband, supporting him, honoring him, loving him as my own flesh. I am to be a careful steward of the world in which I live. I am to seek opportunities to bring God’s message of redemption to others, to make full use of the gifts and talents He has placed in my life to bring Him glory and further His kingdom. And I am to delight in Him and worship Him and praise Him in whatever circumstance I find myself.”

    “But that’s just the point. Because God has blessed me with a husband and children, a part of His call to me is to follow His plan for families. And that means I am to shepherd the hearts of the children whom He has providentially placed in my care. I am to care for them tenderly and to partner with God and my husband in leading my children to know and love His Word and to follow His will.”

    I appreciate the above wording. I realize that approximately one third of children do not have a father in the case of divorce or unwed mothers, but the principle still applies. Christ is our spiritual Husband, and He deserves the same honor, respect, and to love Him with my whole heart, soul and mind. That means that the children He has blessed us with, His reward, we need to take care of as He has done for His sheep. These rewards (children) are precious in His sight. They are like jewels and we would not dare give them away to others to shape into what they desire, but want to instill in them the very heart of our spiritual husband, and that takes dedication, and it takes time. It takes example. In our busy world, are we there enough to set the example, to live out God’s design?

    Having had four children, now grown, even though times were hard, and there was little money, it was the best investment I ever made. I wasn’t perfect, but striving to be a better Godly parent for them to look up in a way that followed Christ as much as I could spend the time during the day, benefited my life spiritually in a way that I could have never done alone. Through trying to sort out what God’s design for we mothers, I also had the added blessing of understanding through His word His care for me as well. I truly didn’t understand that before I took on this mission. That He always has His wings outstretched when I need Him to take me under, and I understood that I needed to do that for my children…follow in His footsteps. I learned how much He sacrificed for me by learning to sacrifice for my children. It’s in the doing that you learn. How precious is that?

    Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” God says to us as a mother’s mission to be that example to your children, so that they will follow you as you follow Christ. How much time do we give to Christ and the Father daily? Do we involve them in it? Do we give and serve the unfortunate and fatherless? Do we involve them in it? We are our children’s shepherds, and even though I am far from perfect, I have seen my children grow up to be servants to others in a way that I could never have dreamed. God fills in what we lack if we truly seek Him. I am filled with joy when I see my children sacrificing for their families and those around them because they want to follow what we have tried to lead the way as we tried to follow Christ. It takes a lot of sacrifice, but didn’t Christ? It is a very hard mission, but will you accept it? The rewards are great. When you grow older, you can look back and see what your sacrifice produced. God word is so true:
    1 Corinthians 2:9 “But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him. But God hath revealed them unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit searches all things, yea, the deep things of God. “

    The rewards are deep and profound. Your mission produces great joy in the end. Keep up the good work ladies!

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