The Mission of Motherhood ~ Chapter 9: Keeper of the Domain

I’m sorry. I seem to have forgotten the preceding chapter with so much activity during the month of December. 😉 So here is Chapter 9 of my daughter’s Mission of Motherhood by Sally Clarkston book study:

Keeper Of The Doman

I’d like you to think about the most memorable home you’ve ever set foot in – a home in which you felt welcome and comfortable. {Do you have one in mind yet?}

Do you remember what stood out to you the most about the home?

Was it a brightly burning candle welcoming you in out of the dark? The wonderful smells from the kitchen?

Perhaps it was something more personal, like a welcoming smile and hug, or a warm drink waiting for you as you stamped the snow off your boots.

No matter what it was that made you feel welcome, your hostess no doubt made an intentional choice to make you feel that way, and that choice took a certain level of commitment on her part.

However, being a “keeper of the domain” goes beyond merely being a good hostess:

It is a commitment of the heart, mind and soul to the task of subduing (making productive) a very specific part of the earth – the domain of the home. It involves teaching minds and nurturing hearts and shaping souls, in addition to getting the rugs vacuumed and dinner on the table! (p. 163)

When you and I make a commitment to be “keepers of our domains”, we can be sure that it will make a huge difference in the lives of our families.

The task of building our homes into places of beauty and life that will feed the hearts, souls, and minds of our children is the most comprehensive task to which God has called us as mother. We are called to quite literally be “home makers” – to plan and shape a home environment that provides our families with both a safe resting place and a launching pad for everything they do in the world. (p. 161)

If we want to be successful in our commitment, we need to have vision. Do you feel as though you have a vision for your domain? I’m not really sure that I thought much about mine before reading this chapter. Here is Sally’s vision:

Sally Clarkston Quote

What I think it so awesome is that it really doesn’t matter one bit what type of domain we are the keepers of. Whether we live on a sprawling horse ranch or small 2-bedroom apartment in the city, each type of home, with a little work and planning, can become an environment of beauty, warmth and comfort. Each of us can work toward creating a nurturing environment in whatever type of home we have.


Iliana served up a smile along with the shortbread cookies she made for our tea yesterday

In this chapter, Sally shares several ways she has tried to achieve this in her own home. They include things like

  • Arranging furniture in way that is conducive to your family gathering for conversation
  • Acquiring the largest table you can to welcome guests into the home
  • Carving out personal space for each member of the family, even if it’s just one shelf in each child’s room for their own treasures
  • Personalizing your home with things that reflect your values, tastes and preferences
  • She shares many more ideas for creating a nurturing enviroment in part 2 of her video for this chapter

It’s important for us to remember, however, that no matter how creative or skilled we are, that the ultimate key to success in creating a nurturing environment is you – the mom!

Although our physical surroundings can make a big difference, what my children and husband need the most from me is not a perfect home or perfect training or a perfectly spiritual role model or a wife without faults – but a mother and wife who is committed to doing whatever it takes to love them and make a home for them.

My attitude is ultimately what makes our house a peaceful haven.


The remainder of chapter 9 focuses on practical ideas for helping us keep “a {somewhat} organized home”.

Effective home management is an important part of making a home into a nurturing environment.

Coming up with a plan for subduing the messy details of our domain is essential to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere, teaching children to take care of themselves, and simply keeping the work from overwhelming everyone. (p. 167)

I love how Sally shared her view that home management is first and foremost a stress-reduction system to make life easier and more peaceful for the family – not something we do to live up to some external value system!

It’s easy to get discouraged or covetous when we look over the fence and see another mom with a “perfect” home management system. While it’s great to get ideas from other people if we’re struggling in this area, we need to keep in mind that there is a wide variety of personalities and preferences in the world. What’s important is that we find the combination of routines and systems that suit our lifestyle and then follow through with it!

"She looks well to the ways of her household." ~ Proverbs 31:27

The jam-packed chapter ends with this encouragement~

No matter how much effort and work we put into subduing the domain of the home, chances are, most of it will go unappreciated. Children who live in a stable, well-managed home tend to take that stability for granted. Yet children who have such a “shepherd” in their homes to oversee, provide for, direct, and protect the life of the home will benefit profoundly.

The strong and secure future we help to build for our children is laid by the hundreds of small deeds we do every day as we serve faithfully in our homes. Yet, the great value of our service will be felt for generations to come and throughout eternity.

Now it’s your turn!

Please share one of the things you most enjoy doing as part of your role as keeper of the domain!

{Of course, you are also welcome to share a favorite quote or your answer to one of the study questions from this week’s chapter, too.}

I’m thankful for each and every one of you who are reading and studying along with me. I pray for you individually and hope that you are finding encouragement and inspiration from our study week to week.

We will continue our study next Monday, December 23rd, with Chapter 10: The Creative Mother

To view all posts in this book study, click HERE.

Be sure to check out Sally’s videos for this chapter if you feel like you are not naturally good at being a keeper of your domain. She is so encouraging! (Videos: Part 1Part 2)


Mission of Motherhood

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