The Mission of Motherhood ~ Chapter 12: The Faithful Mother

Concluding the last chapter in my daughter’s book study on “The Mission of Motherhood” from Where My Treasure Is.

Mission of Motherhood

“Welcome to our last book discussion of The Mission of Motherhood: Touching Your Child’s Heart for Eternity!

Thank you so much for joining me these last several months, whether you have kept up with the reading schedule, or whether you are still on Chapter 3 or whether you never had the opportunity to purchase the book but stopped by here to visit and share your thoughts on my posts.

I hope that you have been encouraged and inspired as we’ve taken a peek into one woman’s life who is passionate about the mission of motherhood. It’s easy to read about something, but an entirely different matter to implement it though, isn’t it? I’ve been inspired many times in my life by a great book or blog article or message, but have watched that inspiration fizzle quickly as soon as I turn back to deal with the more mundane aspects of my life. I sometimes struggle to keep a brightly burning vision in front of me when little ones are pulling at my legs or asking me for help with math problems or interrupting every other thought with shouts and roars and animal noises and piano scales and joyful exclamations and arguing and tears.

What’s a mom to do?

How can we make that leap from the daily grind to the worthy ideals that we hear about? Is is possible to be successful and faithful in motherhood, or is that only for those A-type, put-together ”supermoms”?

In this final chapter of the book, Sally shares with us four things that have helped her (in addition to God’s grace) to be faithful in her journey of motherhood.

An Inspiring Vision

Do you balk at the idea of vision? Having a vision is nice and all, but for now I’m just trying to get through. If you feel this way, let me encourage you that seeking out a vision is a most worthwhile use of your time. In order to be faithful, we need to know where we’re headed. We need to identify our goals and occasionally check back to see if we’re still heading in the direction of those goals.

Our vision gives us the ideal we pursue.

It defines the decisions we make, the priorities we keep. (p. 224)

Do you possess in your mind a well-defined picture of what God has designed the family to be? Sally shared her picture with us in this chapter…


Though cultural storms attack violently each day, a solid Christian home can be a protective fortress, a haven of peace for all who live there. Those inside its walls are protected, nurtured, and nourished in body, heart, mind and soul. Such homes need a director, guardian, and caretaker, which is what God had in mind when He designed the role of mother.

Homes that are being established and protected by the mothers who have a clear vision of their God-designed role can bring refuge and life and hope to a generation of children who need to grow strong in order to be able to battle the storms they will one day face. (p. 225)

A Persevering Faith

Although a strong vision is essential to a successful mom, it isn’t always enough to keep us going through the hard times. We need a deep, unwavering commitment to stay the course. We need perseverance.

The task of stewarding children’s lives is not a short-term process. There is no quick list of rules that can be followed in one short year that will ensure success. The mission of motherhood requires grit. It requires perseverance. And that often means years of repetitious and mundane tasks, years of repeating yourself, years of wondering whether anything you do or say makes a difference. (p. 226)

We must choose to believe that God Himself will eventually reward our choices and efforts to raise a godly heritage for His glory. It is for Him and His purposed that we must endure, trusting that He who promised is faithful. Being godly parents is no guarantee that our children will choose to respond to all that we have taught them. Yet trusting God’s timing, submitting to His design, and obeying His Word are always the right biblical choices for us to make. (p. 227)

In the video that accompanies this chapter, Sally talks about how we can’t always rely on our feelings to tell us whether something is noble, or true, or good. Because sometimes motherhood doesn’t feel good. Sometimes it feels like just a big waste of time.

However, if we continue to obey God in training and teaching our children in love, and our feelings will usually follow.

A Tenacious Trust

Have you ever felt like this?

I’m making a wreck of this child. I’m failing as a parent. What if my child never outgrows this selfishness? Why am I spending all this time on something that may make no difference at all?

I know that I have!

In those times, I’ve found only one thing to be truly effective – To keep trusting the Master and Lord of my life. He shows us the ways to love, to serve, to discipline, to teach – if we will only trust in His methods.

The Lord would encourage me to trust Him, to wait on Him and give Him time to work, to hold on to His promises, to not compromise my convictions, and most important, to persist in my love and my prayers for the little ones He entrusted to my care. (p. 228)

A Little Perspective

Even with a vision in my heart, a persevering spirit and a strong trust in my heavenly Father, I can still benefit from taking a step back to gain perspective. I truly believe that there is nothing like being a stay at home mom with little children to create tunnel vision! Sally gives us some things to consider as we try to keep the proper perspective on our mothering as the days fly by…

  • Keep a sense of humor- One of the things that I’ve most had to learn since becoming a mom is how to laugh at my shortcomings and how to find humor in everyday situations. My husband has been a great help to me as I learn to laugh when less-than-ideal things happen throughout the day (which is quite often when you have young children!)
  • Enlist allies – Although sometimes it seems near impossible sometimes for me to carve out any time for spending time with other women, I am always glad that I did. Just sharing our days with one another, even if we don’t have any solutions to offer, helps me to realize that life isn’t that bad, and that there are certain things that all moms struggle with.
  • Seek advice of older women – I see a tendency for young moms today (myself included) to want to figure everything out for ourselves. We meticulously research every tiny decision regarding our babies, even though we may have an older, experience woman in our life who is willing to offer ideas. We may dismiss the advice of others thinking that the older generation just doesn’t understand how things are these days. We might be wise to have a humble attitude and take into consideration what a more experienced person is willing to share with us.
  • Look out for our basic needs – One of the hardest lessons for me to learn as a mom has been to carve out some kind of respite for myself, whether it is physical, mental or spiritual. I shared the lessons I’ve learned in this post written earlier this year: Oh yeah… I’m still a person!

It Is For The Children’s Sake That We Give Our Lives

I’m so proud of each of you for investing the time to seriously consider this noble task to which you have been called. May God be with you as you continue on your journey!

“We are protecting future generations that they might be strong for the battle of life.
We are the real, in-the-flesh, tangible picture of God’s loving hands,
strong arms of protection, and encouraging words of hope to our children.”

Oct 30 064

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I Would Love To Hear Your Comments

Our lives are important to God and He has a plan for each and everyone of us, to become literal sons and daughters in His family.  He gives us of His very own spirit, so we can be grow up with His characteristics, one being that of self-control.

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