The Manna From Heaven ~ Part 1

Olympics 2014

Breakfast of Champions

Olympics 2014!  It’s on everyone’s minds. Sports have become a quasi god in these last days. Athletes come here from around the world who have dedicated the prime time of their life – almost every hour of their waking days and nights for years on end to perfect the art for which they train, gymnastics, figure skating, pole vaulting, and so many others.  We watch in awe at their incredible feats of agility, power and beauty.

Winter Olympics Figure Skating

Picking up on our fascination, commercial vendors quickly pick up our fanaticism and intrigue and plaster many of our food products containers with the portraits of medalists’ accomplishments to try to market them as the powerhouse for such strength and agility. Products such as “Wheaties, the Breakfast of Champions,” among countless other packaged  items, promise to aid in our quest to boost our strength and endurance just like these athletes.

Wheaties Breakfast of Champions

With this in mind, I’d like to talk of another “Breakfast of Champions” of sorts, and that is the Manna that God provides to us each and every day, His Word, and truly this food will give us much more power and much more endurance than any physical athlete that we might stand in awe of today.

To do that, however, we need to go back into Biblical history.  As we know, God delivered the Israelites from slavery in Egypt through great signs and wonders, yes powerful plagues that would also intrigue the world and point to our true Champion, God Almighty. Triumphant by God’s great power, the Israelites marched through the wilderness, God leading them with a cloud by day and the pillar of fire by night. (Exodus 13:21) These were certainly miraculous events. We see, however, that the Israelites became discouraged soon after, complaining to Moses that he, not God, had brought them out of the land of Egypt to die of starvation in the wilderness. (Exodus 16:3)

Pillar of Fire Israelites

Notice two things here.  GOD was the power that brought them out of Egypt. They did not really recognize this, as they continually complained that Moses had brought them out and that Moses wasn’t taking care of their needs.  Even though their eyes had seen the miracles that God performed, their heart could not grasp the spiritual essence of God.  God’s law was never written on their hearts, but on stone.  Yet, God took care of their needs by supernatural physical protection and providing them with food to sustain them throughout the 40 years wandering in the desert.  God provided bread from heaven that was called manna.  Let’s be aware that at times, even in today’s modern society, we like the ancient Israelites, do not understand how this spiritual manna that God provides, His very Word, is a miracle food that will sustain us spiritually, changing our hearts and minds to become more like Him.  Taking in of His word has the power to revive our hearts and to transform our minds to become like our Father and elder Brother Jesus Christ.  What a wonderful gift God gives to us to help us to overcome and become strong spiritually.  Let’s not be like the Israelites, who could not see the spiritual God behind the provisions.

Israelites Manna in the Wilderness

The second thing to realize is that this manna God provided, sustained them throughout their 40 years of wandering.  Just like the commercial concerning “Wheaties” as a breakfast cereal to give us strength and endurance throughout our day, the Israelites had to gather it every “morning” and eat it that day, else it would decompose if kept until the next morning. (Exodus 16:19-21) Unlike our sugar coated, barely nutritious modern day what we call food, this manna gave them the strength, the sustenance to press forward, to follow Him through rough terrain, through years of hardship, through 40 years no less. The strength in essence came from God.

Bread of Life ~ God's Word

Today, under the New Covenant we similarly are called strangers and pilgrims on the earth, just as God called the wandering Israelites.  We are spoken of in Hebrews 11 as spiritual Israelites, and the bread God provides is the Manna from Heaven Jesus Christ.  He is the Word made flesh.  His word then is our spiritual manna.  In the model prayer Jesus prayed and asked the Father, “Give us this day our daily bread.”  Here He is asking the Father to give us His teachings, His words, His directives to be strong spiritually, to live each day with power through His word.  He wants us to be strong, to be fully equipped to weather the storms here on the earth, as we go through our spiritual pilgrimage. This is so important my sisters.

“For the bread of God is he which comes down from heaven, and gives life unto the world.”  ~ John 6:33

“And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that comes to me shall never hunger; and he that believes on me shall never thirst.”  ~ John 6:35

“I am that bread of life.” ~ John 6:48

“I am the living bread which came down from heaven: if any man eat of this bread, he shall live for ever: and the bread that I will give is my flesh, which I will give for the life of the world.” ~ John 6:51

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”  ~ John 1:1

“That which was from the beginning, which we have heard, which we have seen with our eyes, which we have looked upon, and our hands have handled, of the Word of life.”  ~ I John 1:1

Jesus The Word of God

If Jesus Christ is the bread of life, and Christ is the Word; then it seems to reason that if we take in the “word of God – the Bread of life” daily, we will be strengthened spiritually and able to ward off the temptations and the trials that Satan sends to defeat us.

God’s word is truly powerful if we strive to take it in “daily,” not just on the Sabbath, not just here and there, but every single day in some way, in some form.  Without it we are weakened.  If we neglect to nourish our bodies, our immune systems decline, and we become vulnerable to the myriad of diseases so rampant in our society today.  Heart disease, cancer, a boom in childhood sickness and diseases of the elderly, and/or a host psychological illnesses even untimely death, can quickly overtake us due to our weakened state. Today in the church of God, we also can fall prey to spiritual illnesses without the continual nourishment of taking in God’s word. We can create our own personal “famine of the word.”

Taking in God’s word gives us the strength we need in order to go up against the wiles of the devil.  Christ won his victory over Satan with the word of God.  It’s that same manna that can give us what we need to be the counter-cultural women God calls us out to be in an ever-increasing degenerative society. God is calling us to come out of this world. (Revelation 18:14) Without it, the manna from heaven, we will fail.  With it, we can become victorious, to run the race and to finish in victory!

Reading God's Word Daily

In Part 2, we shall see how vitally important God’s word (manna) is and how Christ utilized it to battle Satan, and how we can use it in our own lives to become victorious, to become champions through Christ.  God’s word, His manna can strengthen us in our everyday battles and make our lives richer and more fulfilled more than any Olympic champion. We can become spiritual champions through Christ.

“Give us this day our daily bread.” ~  Matthew 6:11

To be continued….

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Find out about the meaning of the “Bread of Life”  from our church website “The Feast Of Unleavened Bread: Replacing Sin With the Bread of Life.”

The Days of Unleavened Bread remind us that with God’s help, we must remove and avoid all types of sin in all areas of our life.

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