Psalms of A Woman

Disciples in the Storm

Captain of Our Salvation


Peter walked the boisterous sea

Just like my trials are to me


Amidst the waves of turbulent strife

Trials sometimes fill my life


And cause me oft to be afraid

To walk the path that Christ has laid


Because no strength I have in me

To calm the wind upon the sea


Then I begin to quickly drown

When trust in Him does not abound


I cry out to Him, the One that saves

The Christ Who’s voice can still the waves


Then stretching forth His hand to me

He saves me from the troubled sea


Why did you doubt, when I’m so near

Your faith in Me should cast out fear


And bring you through in death’s dark vale

When ‘board the ship that I set sail


As Captain I will be to you

Salvation’s end I’ll bring you to


Though troubles be of every kind

The answers through me you will find


Leading you by My right hand

To a more abundant promised land


Where treasures be forever more

Upon the wide and peaceful shore


Where storms of life will ever cease

The land where I’ll reign “Prince of Peace”


~ Diane Stewart January 1992


Matthew 8:23-27, 14:27-31

Mark 6:45-54

Jesus Walking On The Water

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