Teaching Your Children

The Greatest Knowledge


Who am I to rear the young

And wisdom to impart?

Where do I look to find my help.

From whence does knowledge start?

When I was young my mind was closed

To all the world around me

Survival I was focused on

For fear so oft surround me

But now I’ve learned a precious truth

That many do not know

That knowledge comes from God Himself

Who guides our paths to go

Do I then need a doctorate

To learn from my Creator?

To teach the keys of peace of mind

A wisdom far much greater?

Than all the universities

That man has ever known

From ancient Greek philosophers

To science theories shown

That keep the God who gave us life

Out of our children’s reach

And made their minds turn from His words

And from the One who’ll teach

The road to life, by one who cares

Who prays for them each day

To teach her children words of life

To pass along the way

For what good is worldly knowledge

When a heart is turned to stone

He’s like a restless wanderer

Who makes his way alone

A sheep without a shepherd

A heart that has no rest

Can still be given lively hope

By one who knows them best

And that one is mom herself

E’en though without degree

We bow to Him who loves them most

To give them eyes to see


That they have One beside them

To walk with every day

And this knowledge is much greater than

Mere texts that fade away

~Diane Stewart 1992

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